“Students made excellent progress”

Karin Svärd, Class teacher, Trelleborg Sweden

”After only ten weeks we could see results in national tests, with substantial progress being noted, for example, in subtraction by ’carrying’. They learnt it very well with Math Bakery

Multiplication also becomes visually clearer. And it’s more fun for rote learning multiplication tables. The function where they make up tasks for each other is also very good in Math Bakery. It’s very creative and they have to focus to make up tough numbers for each other.”

“Fantastic results in national tests”

”We achieved fantastic results in national tests thanks to Math Bakery. Learning addition and subtraction technique with exchange (mit Zehnerübergang) was quickly picked up through Math Bakery 2 as shown in results. We were also able to test a beta version of Math Bakery Fractions. It made a big difference. Fractions are abstract and difficult for many students, but this time it became visual and clearer. Yet another clear improvement,

Especially weaker students are helped by seeing what happens when calculating. They thus train their understanding of

Class teacher, Trelleborg, Sweden

It’s also pleasure-driven. Learning is encouraged because it’s a cool game.”

“They often stay through the
breaks to work in Math Bakery”

Helen Svensson,special education teacher, Trelleborg Sweden

”Math Bakery takes math systematically forward. One can use it slowly or a little quicker, depending on ability.
Everything becomes clear, by combining text, graphics, and sound. It’s like a conversation. It means students can work
independently with the apps – teachers don’t need to stand by all the time.

We use Math Bakery very much. This
term we’ve been working on positional notation, fundamental math – addition and subtraction in units and tens.

At least 50% of math lesson time has been devoted to Math Bakery. Students often stay behind during breaks because they enjoy Math Bakery so much. And they often sit in pairs, working together. It’s great! Great fun!”