Math Bakery is a new, fun and effective way to learn maths for children aged 4 to 12. It’s just like having your own private teacher helping, encouraging and correcting you.

The apps has been developed in co-operation with teachers, children and leading researchers.
They have been carefully tested in Swedish schools and preschools. The children have rapidly shown significant improvements.

“Math Bakery 2 is a high quality app that is remarkably intuitive to use. Developers included a good combination of hints and helps that will make even the most lost student successful. The app will build confidence with math and help kids develop the skills they need to understand place value and regrouping, which are critical to math success.”

“Math Bakery 2 has all of the niceties and perks that an addition/subtraction teaching system should have. Users can control most aspects of the games, including difficulty level and time allotted. Help screens are offered at the first error, and correction suggestions do not give away answers, but rather guide students into correct process to find answers on their own.”

Math bakery 1

With no in-app purchases, games that can be fitted into almost any time frame, and such elegant design, this app should find a place both at home and in the classroom.”

Math Bakery 2

“Both parents and teachers could make effective use of the app in a one-to-one situation. The visual layout of the maths is ideal for an adult to draw out deeper thinking and understanding from children they are working with through each level.”